Proven tips to make money selling children's clothing

Proven tips to make money selling children’s clothing

Children change clothing sizes with the change of the season and sometimes they acquire clothes they don’t even get a chance to wear before they have outgrown them. If it’s too late to return the items, or the clothing has been worn, here are some tips for making money selling children’s clothing.

Where to Sell Kids Clothes

Garage Sales

Children’s clothing will always draw shoppers to garage sales because most people are looking for school clothes or inexpensive seasonal clothing. You can advertise your own garage sale or participate in a neighborhood or citywide garage sale. Check your classifieds for the city and neighborhood garage sales because you’ll likely get a lot more customers than just holding your sale yourself.

Resale Shops

There are many resale shops that accept children’s clothing from baby shoes and toddler shoes to winter coats and pay for them. Check your area for stores like Once Upon a Child which is located nationally and resells all types of kid’s clothes.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops also accept children’s clothing for resale, but will likely be looking for high-end and designer labels that will be worth holding in the store. Consignment shops are the ideal place to take formal children’s wear like first-communion dresses and Easter dresses. Again, check your area listings for consignment shops as they are usually locally owned and operated.

Tips for Getting the Most Money for Kid’s Clothes

Separate Clothing According to Place of Sale

You will get the most money for designer children’s clothing like Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein and J. Crew’s Crewcuts from resale shops and consignment shops. Kids clothing that is a little more worn or practically new but not any particular designer brand will still sell well at garage sales, as most people are looking for inexpensive rather than designer labels.

Put Sets of Clothing Together

For a summer outfit, make sure any matching shirts and shorts are together, and it’s always an added bonus if you still have a sun hat or flip flops that were purchased with the outfit. If there isn’t any particular match for an item, it doesn’t hurt to bundle things that go well together yourself.

Make Sure Clothing is Cleaned and Laundered

Wash any clothing you want to sell or dry clean if it should be dry cleaned. Check for and remove any spots or stains as well as you can. Baby clothes and toddler clothes have to be inspected closely if they have ever been worn.

Check for Buttons and Make Repairs

Children are good at losing buttons and snaps or breaking zippers. Fixing these things only takes a second and can make a huge difference in the amount of money you receive for the items. Small tears or rips can be mended easily. Even if it doesn’t make the garment brand new, a person is more likely to purchase something that is repaired than something that is not.