Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Turns 92

Queen Elizabeth II turns 92. She is the longest reigning monarch in Britain and to celebrate the big day the Royal Family Twitter account released Saturday some of her related photos from archive, from her younger days.

In one of the tweets the Royal Family message read the Queen made a speech to dedicate her life to serve on her 21st birthday and till date she is carrying out the Royal Duties like hosting Heads of State, visiting schools and charities, and leading Britain’s celebratory events.

A star-studded concert is organized at London’s Royal Albert Hall tonight and the Royal Family will be attending it. It will feature performances from Shaggy and Kylie Minogue, Sting, and to be televised live on BBC TV as well as BBC radio.

Earlier this week Queen Elizabth II welcomed Commonwealth leaders to Britain for a summit.

Tomorrow she will start remotely the London Marathon in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Her grandmother, Princess Mary, last inaugurated the same 110 years ago in the 1908 Olympic Marathon at the ground.

In May the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry will take place with Meghan Markle at the Windsor Castle.

The Queen celebrates her birthday twice, one is for public and the other for private. She will officially celebrate it in June, as it has been a tradition in every June, with spectacular military parade.

Queen Elizabeth II resigned from the throne on 6 February 1952, after reigning 66 years. She is longest-serving and oldest British monarch ever.

Queen Victoria lived for 81 years and reigned 63 years on the throne.