Reasons Why Thanksgiving Can be Stressful for People

Reasons Why Thanksgiving Can be Stressful for People

You might feel excited that Thanksgiving is coming up. You will have a few days off from work. You also have the chance to meet the people you love and celebrate Thanksgiving. Not everyone feels this way given previous Thanksgiving celebrations that some families had to endure. It can be the most stressful time of the year, especially for those who are hosting their family.

Awkward conversations

It is the time when you are meeting the family members you don’t want to speak with at all. You have loud uncles who cannot control themselves when they get drunk. You have aunts who keep gossiping and judging. You have grandparents who hate almost everything they see. Worse, there might be issues everyone wanted to talk about, and this special day is their only chance to vent their feelings. As the discussions start to get heated, it will no longer be a fun celebration.

Preparing the dinner

Thanksgiving celebrations

It is another part of the celebration that you dread if you don’t like cooking. Even if you do, you don’t usually serve dishes for a dozen people or more. Add to that the expectation that there needs to be a turkey dish on the table. If you don’t have a lot of help with preparing the meal, you might not have anything to eat in time for dinner. Worse, even if you finish everything, and you feel like you did a great job, no one might appreciate it. They might criticize the way you cook.

More expectations

It is great to speak with your family members again, especially those whom you rarely speak with during the year. Unfortunately, these are the people who will ask you thousands of questions. All of them will express what they expect from you. They will ask you why you are still single. They will also ask you why your house does not look as great as they expected. They have a lot of ideas in mind about you and your family. Therefore, you might end up putting on a face to impress your family members even if you don’t need to do it.

Let go of stress

You already know what could cause stress during Thanksgiving. Find a way to avoid those situations, and still enjoy every moment. If you don’t cook and you don’t want your family members to judge you, take them out for dinner. You will find Upper West Side restaurants that are open during Thanksgiving. They also serve special meals for the holidays. It might be difficult finding a restaurant since most of them are closed, but you can ask and reserve months ahead.

If you don’t like people fighting over the dinner table, you can ask them to settle any issues before the holidays. You want everyone to be in a good mood for this celebration since it is about being thankful for your blessings.

Thanksgiving is not the time for fighting and hating. It is a time to celebrate and recall all the good things that happened during the year.