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How To Reassure Privacy Access On Facebook Account

Facebook wants users to share their information on its platform, but its privacy policy has been frequently criticized by privacy advocates. Below are some tips how to reassure your privacy access.

Step 1

Once you are done with your Facebook setup, you can now ready to view your account how your friends and “non-friends” view it. You just need to enter your account, go to ‘Privacy Setting’ and click on privacy settings and select ‘Timeline’ and ‘Tagging’ option from the left panel.

Next click on ‘view as’ to view how your timeline looks like. You can also choose ‘view as a specific person’.

Step 2

If you setup your profile to your only friends, public will see only your profile and cover photos you have updated, groups you are following, friends, and others. You can always more restrict your account by going to privacy setting and edit “who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?” You can select your settings to restrict even your groups and your likes.

Step 2

Browsing securely is of utmost importance. You can ensure your secure connection by going to Security panel in the Account Settings and enable your Secure Browsing.

Step 3

You can also limit access to your old and new posts. Go to ‘Privacy’ on the left panel in the setting tab, and then edit ‘Who can see my posts’. You find a warning if you limit access to all your past posts at once, so it is better to change all posts one by one.

Step 4

You now restrict users to see your Timeline but you may need to block users to adding to your timeline or restrict surprise tagging from friends. There are two options you will get in “who can post to my timeline?” one is Friends and another Only Me. You can just choose Only Me and restrict tagging, just “On” Review Posts/tags by friends.

Step 5

Use your Facebook apps sensibly. Some apps take all your information and access to post photos and status updates, which are often very irritating. You can review your app permission by clicking on Apps on the left of the Setting window. Edit the entry, change the visibility via the drop-down menu or simply “Remove app”.

Step 6

Third party apps or adverts do not have access to use your personal information but there is no surety the company would not change its privacy policy. To ensure your security just click Ads in the left panel of the Setting window and edit the Third Party Sites section. You can also exclude yourself from Facebook social ads by choosing “No One”.