Rebel Wilson Reveals Gained Weight To Enter Hollywood

Getting entry to Hollywood is not majorly easy and sometimes transformation is required. By the term transformation many actress believe in slimming down, but Rebel Wilson has done just the odd thing.

In one of her recent interviews to press she disclosed to have gained weight to get an entry in the industry.

She revealed in her first play she was casted alongside a heavier actress and found the girl is getting a lot of laughs because she is fatter even though both were enough talented.

The Los Angeles-based actress thereafter mentioned she gained weight and it turned out to be an advantage in her comedy career even though many finds it to be a disadvantage.

She had earlier received good praise for her role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise. It is learned she is to reprise the same role in the upcoming third instalment.

Her other well known contributions to the entertainment industry includes her memorable performances as a weird roommate in Bridesmaids as well as a nun-chuck-wielding nurse in Michael bay’s Pain & Gain.

Presently Wilson is making her West End debut in Guys and Dolls. She has also founded her own production company and next year her three projects will be kicked off with the filming part.

The 36-year-old Sydney native earlier had maintained an athletic build and enjoys playing tennis.

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