Reese Witherspoon Goes Country

Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon has gone to the countryside of the United States when she just recently bought a house at Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband Jim Toth now own an amazing house in that area. Their new home is a this vintage and classic design 1930 inspired house with 4 bedrooms worth $1.95. It’s pretty huge because it has the size of 3,855 square feet with a swimming pool that’s perfect this summer and another guest house attached to it.

The real estate agent from Freeman Webb Company Realtors said that it’s one of the historic houses in the area with a creek that’s running down on its front with white ducks that makes the whole ambiance and setting so beautiful. Although the said house looks gorgeous, it is still far from perfect because there are a lot of fixings to be done to it but the couple didn’t mind. The house cannot be demolished according to the document attached to it so looks like the couple have to handle that matter to themselves. It’s not a big deal anyway for the two since the location is picture perfect and you can feel the tranquility of the setting. Plus the fact that the governor just resides around that corner, it makes their home even more perfect especially if they will be raising children.

But it’s no surprise that Reese would take the historic house in the area because first of all, she grew up in that town and in case you are not aware; she actually has a daughter named Tennessee. These are enough evidences that she really is a country girl by heart so it’s only fitting that she goes back to her roots. It’s a bit tiring to be surrounded by the paparrazzi for the most part so the peaceful ambiance of this state is definitely a place to live for celebrities who would want a private and peaceful personal and family life. For some celebrities, they’d trade living in a country scene anytime than battle with not having their personal life unless of course they want too much attention which is definitely not case with Reese and her husband.

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