RELLECIGA RIKINI: A Girl’s Internal Monologue

NEW YORK, May 30, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ — RELLECIGA’s famous RIKINI has taken the fashion world by storm. The following is an “internal monologue” that may explain why the RIKINI has become so popular:

It just happened like this. Last week, I went to West Palm Beach with my boyfriend, Cary and some of our friends. I wore my favorite swimwear to show off my pretty figure. It seemed that we would have a good time together, you know, just soak up the sunshine, savor the beach and frolic with Cary and our friends on the beach!

But we didn’t have a great time, more exactly, I didn’t. We walked into a cafe, sat down, and got some drinks. At first, we chatted happily, about our plan for the next day. Then something embarrassing happened. A girl wearing the same style of bikini opened the door of the store and walked inside with her friends. When she walked toward us, I was shocked to see that she was Cary’s ex-girlfriend, Fiona! She! Was! Wearing! The same bikini! As me! The same brand, the same style, and even the same color!

At this time, Cary and our friends all turned their eyes on me! I was so embarrassed that I was desperate to find a cave to hide myself immediately! Fiona saw us and came up to me, looked at me in a scornful way, and said, “Cary, I thought you had an awful taste when you said you liked her. But now, I should admit I was wrong. She was not so bad because she could pick the same bikini as I did!” Then she smiled and went away arrogantly, while I didn’t know what to say!

I couldn’t remember how that terrible day ended. I only remember that night I sobbed and told everything to my best friend, Jane. Jane sighed and then said, “How I wish you had a RELLECIGA RIKINI at that time!”

I stopped sobbing and looked at her curiously, “RELLECIGA RIKINI?”

“Yeah, RELLECIGA RIKINI! You can wear the same style of RELLECIGA RIKINI in at least six ways! If you had a RELLECIGA RIKINI today, all you needed to do was just to change your look easily in a minute!”

“Really? RELLECIGA RIKINI is that amazing? “I asked.

“Of course! Every girl should have at least one RELLECIGA RIKINI at her wardrobe. It is not just swimwear, but also an attitude! With one RIKINI, we can display our beauty in many different ways! That’s RELLECIGA RIKINI SPIRIT – Show our love and passion for life, and be different from others!”




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