Reporting News The Old And Ancient Way

Reporting News The Old And Ancient Way

News reporting, sharing of information or even regular communication between individuals and groups has certainly undergone lot of changes. It is not the same as it was a few decades ago. This is because of gigantic leaps in technology and the growth in the past one or two decades has been phenomenal to say the least. If we ask our fathers and forefathers about the ways and means of communication during those days, they would mostly talk about radio and television as the main modes of communication. However, they also would talk quite a bit about amateur radio as a highly dependable and useful mode of communication. This is also referred to as ham radio and though it is not as popular as it used to be a few decades ago, there are some valid reasons as to why it is worth having a second look at this mode of communication.

The Internet Is All Encompassing

There is no doubt that the internet continues to be a game changer as far as fast, efficient and reliable mode of communication is concerned. Under such situation an obvious question comes to our mind. What is the need to have a ham radio when there are far more superior modes of communications available? The answer to this perhaps lies not during ordinary times but during emergency situations. For example during floods, storms, typhoons and other such calamities, nine out of ten times it is quite likely that the internet, mobile and other modes of communication would certainly collapse. Under such situation having a ham radio would certainly be a great way to be in touch with those who are stuck and perhaps need help to reach them sooner than later. Hence while there is no doubt that the internet is all encompassing in times of distress and emergency situations there is no doubt that the time tested ham radio technology could make a big difference.

Ingenuous Way Of Reporting

If one looks at sites like dx you can perhaps have a better idea as to how ham radios can also add a new dimension to reporting especially when modern day technology and other modes of communication may not be useful. It could be in some desolate island and today there are dozens of amateur-reporters who send information in the form of texts and pictures via these ham radio units. Without this technology it would have been impossible to send information across from such desolate corners of the world. This form of communication also helps in entertainment as far as the locals are concerned. They can listen to some quality music and plays where other forms of communication would be impossible to reach.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that though technology may have moved exponentially, there are many situations where the role of ham radios still continues to be relevant. While it certainly helps in times of emergency, it also is a unique and ingenuous way of communication during normal times too. It therefore continues to be relevant for many who would like to maintain relationships with the past.