Netflix Original Movie Win it All

Review: Netflix Original Movie”Win it All”

To the thrill of all avid movie- and TV-show fans, Netflix keeps producing content at a near alarming pace. Having been released in March this year, one of the Netflix’s newest additions to their growing repertoire -Win it All – have been enjoying some good response.

Maybe you’ve had one or two trips to a casino, maybe even Las Vegas. If you’re someone who prefers the comfort of your couch it’s highly likely that you at some point have done some online betting or caught one of the many broadcasted poker events on TV. Either way, gambling is something most of us are familiar with and, you guessed it, this movie is about gambling.

In the film we follow the life of Eddie Garrett, your average loveable chum who makes bad choices just a tad too often, portrayed by Joe Johnson. Eddie makes most of his money on various odd jobs like parking cars at Cubs stadium which he then quickly relinquishes at the poker tables, black jack tables or in the bar. His brother, played by Joe Lo Truglio, has taken over their fathers gardening business and keeps pleading his brother to join the company and settle in the same way he has. This normal life doesn’t seem to interest Eddie, whom at first seem to prefer his chosen path.

The plot twist comes when one of Eddies acquaintances suddenly shows up at Eddies house with a duffle bag and a promise of $10,000 if Eddie just holds on to the bag until he gets out of the big house. Why this friend is going to prison might very well have something to do with the large amount of cash in named duffel bag. So after agreeing to this Eddie, to nobody’s surprise, eventually takes a loan from the duffel bag and does what his character seems to be doing best – some bad choices.

There is some quite good acting in this movie, and the developments of some of the relationships are actually very believable. During the film, Eddie gets into a relationship with a girl he meets at a bar after celebrating a win at the poker tables. With a lot of the film shifting focus onto this it also seems the movies lead character starts wanting that white picket fence life the more involved he becomes with this girl.

 The dialogue seems to be aiming towards feeling as natural as possible at any given time, which at times feels a bit like they’re trying too hard. This film might feel lacking to anyone who wishes for more action, but it’s definitely a nice slight-of-life film. Watch the trailer here.