Ride With Style - Realities You Should Know About Preakness Stakes

Ride With Style: Realities You Should Know About Preakness Stakes

One of the most prestigious and celebrated horse racing tournaments across the country is the Preakness Stakes. It is popularly known as “The Run for Black-Eyed Susans”. It is also considered as the second leg of one of America’s Triple Crown racing.

Additionally, the Preakness Stakes is annually celebrated at Pimlico Race Arena and commenced the third week of May. This year would be the 143rd edition of the said race and most likely to be attended by the front runners of the Kentucky Race.

Hence, we’d like to give you an idea of what to look forward to this year’s Preakness Stakes. Also, this is usually aired on TVG, an American-based TV Network which airs the full action of every horse racing tournaments. Let’s get started!

All About The Triple Crown

Every horse racers dream to own the most prestigious title of being a Triple Crown Winner. As mentioned, the Preakness Stakes is often attended by previous horse racers and big winners of big tournaments.

It is said that most horse racers who are gracing this event to clinch the Triple Crown are the winners of the Kentucky and Belmont Stakes. Many experts at this point can predict who might be able to win the crown.

Additionally, the yearly competition of the said crown in the Preakness gets tighter and tighter because of the type and ability of the racers that are joining. This is the main reason why that Preakness is a huge horse racing tournament to look up to.

The Preakness Stakes Conditions

Know About Preakness Stakes

One of the best attribute that a horse racer should possess to be able to earn the Triple Crown is versatility. The ability of the horse racer to cope up with different and varying mile distances without reducing its level of speed is one way of considering him as a winner.

Aside from that, there are several subtle changes when it comes to the Preakness horse racing tournament and every horse racer should be amenable to take this without any hitch. You also have to make sure that you get a good gate position so you can prepare a powerful start.

Lastly, in spite of the fact, there are several horses have made a long career in the horse racing industry, a Triple Crown Winner is judged depending on the status of their last-three racing seasons.  Preakness Stakes will also only allow horse racers that belong in the classic generation.

The Pimlico Racing Arena

If the Breeder’s Cup changes its racing location every year, the Preakness Stakes maintains a solid annual celebration that is only held at Pimlico. The horse racing arena in Pimlico has the ability to hold at least 120,000 people.

Despite the fact the fact the Preakness has earned a lot of huge recognition in the sports industry, its administrators still maintain a Grade One racing division. On the other hand, it is also witnessing a large number of a TV audience and the crowd which sings the Preakness theme song entitled Maryland, My Maryland.

As the Preakness Stakes becomes a horse racing tradition, the winner of the racing event is declared and draped with yellow flowers to commemorate the creation of “The Black-Eyed Susan”. Also, as the declaration of the winner progresses, one painter will climb to a clubhouse painting the winning color.

How To Bet For The 2019 Preakness Stakes

To take part in betting for the 2019 Preakness Stakes, you don’t have to be a professional racing handicapper. Many would tend to doubt their capability of winning because they feel that they are not well-experience.

While experience may deem a true ingredient in betting, you can partake and earn huge amount of money by doing thorough research. Bear in mind that there are websites you can refer that provides a full data of the previous Preakness results and other horse racing tournaments.

Lastly, websites like TVG Preakness Stakes offers the best data and information you might need to review so betting for horse racing would be a full entertainment.


In any given horse racing tournament especially the Preakness Stakes, it is necessary that you have to be fully aware of what the racing is all about. Some people may bet for the sake that they can earn, but knowing the background and condition of the race before betting is a wise way of earning while entertaining yourself.

Besides, Preakness Stakes is a horse racing event that will surely give you full satisfaction when it comes to producing an excellent horse racing show. At the same time, you will also be able to find out additional tips you may apply as you go along with your horse betting skills.

Therefore, with the most important details enumerated above, you will surely have the ability to enjoy the 2019 Preakness Stakes and all its editions in the years to come.