Rights Of EU Citizens In Britain To Be Discussed First In Brexit: Merkel

A good start for the Brexit talks would be in ensuring the rights of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

She also added there are lot of several other questions too in the Brexit talks and more is yet to be done before reaching a final negotiation.

British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled the proposal on Thursday at an EU summit in Brussels confirming those EU citizens who have lived in the UK will be granted a new “UK settled status.”

May further added that such EU citizens will be granted the access of health, education and ohter benefits too.

Currently 3.2 million EU citizens live in Britain and any decision will affect them. They are currently among the thorny issues, which need to be resolved first while the talks are in progress.

Presently about 1.2 million Britons live in different EU countries and the European Court of Juctice said they should continue enjoying the same rights.

Merkel said, “Theresa May made clear today that EU citizens who have been in Great Britain for five years can keep their full rights. That’s a good start.”

She continued that there are many other questions too about the divorce of UK from EU bloc including finances and relationship with Ireland.

The German Chancellor further added that Brexit is not the focus of the EU summit in Brussels, but the issue is being discussed separately.

She said shaping of the future of 27 countries in the EU bloc is her priority in the negotiations with Britain.