Rihanna Warns Fan To Focus On Concert, Not On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has walked into our life. It has made its way into every activity of ours while awake, either driving or walking. It has also interfered while we are attending spiritual gatherings.

In one of her recent concerts, Rihanna spotted a fan playing Pokemon Go. She said to the crowd, “I don’t want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends.”

Rihanna further added that she don’t want to see the guy catching any Pokemons.

The anti-Pokemon law of Rihanna should not be taken lightly considering the recent problems that has already caused to several gamers.

More to this, the singer of course wanted to look out for her concertgoers.

Earlier, a fan received viral-video shame while he was trying to catch Pokemon on July 21 in the Stade de France at Beyonce’s concert.

The craze at the concert didn’t stop here. One another concertgoer called a person at front-row viewer as she was looking for Pokemon while Beyonce was in front of her.

Beyonce has not yet given her opinion on Pokemon Go, but she wants to confirm that fans should only focus on her concert and not on the game.

Are you a fan of Pokemon Go too? Are you addicted to the game more than anything else? Do you play Pokemon Go at concert and on the road? Share your own views and whether Rihanna was correct in reminding the fans to focus on concert. Use the below given comment box.