Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Sells Their House

We know that the headline smells divorce and it’s written all over it. Apparently, Robin Thicke already have accepted that his wife Paula Patton is no longer interested in working out their marriage. This sucks but to all Thicke’s fans, then maybe it’s good news for you all since thinking you have a chance with this Blurred Lines singer. It’s a bit of mess for the couple that now they have to sell their house. Reports are saying that Thicke already had his lawyer divide the assets for the two of them for their divorce. It’s heartbreaking when two people who used to be in love don’t want to work their marriage any longer. But hey, they gotta do what they gotta do. Life has to move on and someone has to be happy.

Now that their Bel-Air house is already out for sale, we can all assume that it’s all over. Thicke even told his staff about it last Thursday that there is no way they will be reconciling again. Well we hope for the best and whatever plans they have in the future, we sure hope that they will be happy.

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