The rumored villain to be in Starwars Episode VII

Since Star Wars Episode VII won’t hit theaters until December 2015, we’re compelled to depend on irregular Internet chat and breaks from unknown sources to evaluate what we’re in store for.

Without a doubt, we could simply hold up until the motion picture turns out, however where’s the fun in that?

Other than the Episode VII cast advertisement, there’s been minimal in the method for authority news from JJ Abrams and organization. Yet don’t stress, there’s been a lot of wild fan theory!

The most recent comes to us from a Star Wars fansite that unreservedly concedes the most recent “spoiler” could be absolute BS. Yet in the event that there’s any truth to it then this is tremendous. Like, “Luke, I am your father” tremendous. (Clearly, potential spoilers lie ahead):

Essentially, the case made by Making Star Wars is that Episode VII closes with a Shyamalan-esque wind in which the lowlife that is been butting heads with our saints from the begin to the film at last evacuates his hood and…

It’s Luke Skywalker!

Numerous have contended that there can’t be any truth to this gossip as George Lucas would have a tantrum if the famous saint he made decades back was uncovered to be underhanded in camouflage from the beginning.

Obviously, the establishment isn’t under Lucas’ control any longer (Though he’s still not a fellow you wanna piss off.) and Luke heading off to the Dark Side would bring the story full-ring in a really fulfilling manner.

Honestly, we’re simply spitballing here, as like others we have no idea what the hellfire’s gonna happen in Episode VII.

All we know beyond any doubt is that the first on-set photographs provided for us full geek erections, and we’re almost certain Abrams could revamp After Earth and it would be great. On the other hand at any rate it wouldn’t suck as awful. What we’re stating is, the gentleman’s great and we’re energized.