Russia sends plane to Venezuela; Official comments awaited

Russia sends air force plane to Venezuela; Official comments awaited

A Russian air force jet was witnessed landed Monday in Venezuela by Reuters and FlightTrader24 website that keep tracks of plane movements globally.

The plane is identified as an Ilyushin 62 jet. It has a tail number as RA-86496. It made landing at Maiquetia International Airport.

Earlier in March two such Russian planes landed in the Latin American country carrying defense officials and a ton of troops.

According to the website the tail number RA-86496 is registered to a Russian Air Force plane and it matches with the two planes that arrived in March.

United States President Donald Trump then came up with strict words for Russia ordering the country to remove officers and 100 deployed troops from the country.

Russian foreign ministry replied differently saying the two planes only carried specialists for the servicing purposes of arms sales contracts.

Official comments from both Venezuela and Russia are awaited for the Monday’s plane landing.