Sarah Michelle Gellar Selling Lemonade

When life gives Sarah Michelle Gellar lemons, she made lemonade… literally. She recently posted a twitter picture of her on a lemonade stand with a caption saying, “Got to earn a living somehow rt? ;).” Lots of people now are actually inquiring where is the location of that lemonade stand? Now we don’t know the complete details of her new venture just yet but we do know that her recent TV show with CBS called The Crazy Ones just got cancelled. The former star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a full time mom and married to another high profile actor Freddie Prince Jr. 

Looks like she is focusing more on her family life after the show ended. It shows on her other tweets how busy she is taking care of her children. And according to her latest tweet about the lemonade stand, the kids have donated the profit of those sales to a charities called Love Recyled and One Voice LA. Well we believe she is talking about her kids here. It’s indeed never too early to give back and her children are growing up to be generous. Let’s hope this philanthropic attitude continues as they grow older.

And as for us wanting Gellar to be back on TV, so far we still don’t have any developments about the matter. But we sure hope she finds a new stint on TV. The lemonade stand is cute but… you fans will surely miss her do her thing on the tube. She is one of the celebrities in the news you can’t deny you absolutely adore.

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