Saudi Arabia Police

Saudi Arabia Police Arrests, Questions Model Khulood For Violating Dress Code

Saudi Arabia police have arrested and are questioning the young model who walked through the heritage village of Ushayqir wearing short skirt and crop top, which is considered as indecent clothing in the country.

According to local media the model, named Khulood, has confessed to have visited the place with male guardian.

However, Tuesday after it was reported by Saudi newspapers that Riyadh police spokesman said Khulood has denied to have uploaded the video on the web and the related Snapchat account is not hers.

The news added Riyadh police have referred the case to the public prosecutor’s office to decide whether to charge the model.

In Saudi Arabia wearing skirt is not allowed. Women and grown up girls need to cover up from head to toe when out of their house. They need to wear loose-fitting conservative clothes like a full-length cloak which is called as abaya.

The actions of Khulood have sparked outrage and activists have called for her arrest.

One of the Twitter users wrote those who is not able to respect the rules of Saudi Arabia should not live in the country.

One another user tweeted the model seems like provoking others and she has gone against the social rules and norms of the country. She should be punished for the act.

Several other Twitter users however have come up in support of the model and hailed Khulood for challenging the strict dress code of the Kingdom.

A favourable tweet read the model is freely walking regardless of all backlash is a beautiful idea.