Second Trailer Of Movie Steve Jobs Released

The second trailer has been released of the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic and it seems like being more epic than the first trailer. It reveals more in-depth to the life of Apple founder, played by Michael Fassbender.

Michael carries a good resemblance of Steve Jobs in the trailer and shows how determined he is to achieve success amid all the challenging situations.

Not everyone was excited with Jobs’ creation. At one scene his daughter and wife seems unimpressed at the Apple Mac and says what people will be doing with this stuff.

While the Apple Mac was still in development phase many other also raised doubts about the plans to bring computer technology for every home.

In one scene Steve Wozniak is heard saying Jobs soon they will understand whether he is Leonardo da Vinci or just he thinks himself to be like the famous person.

Seth Rogen has played the role of Wozniak.

The movie Steve Jobs will hit the UK theaters on November 13 and it is all prepared for a premiere show in October at the London Film Festival. The other star casts are Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Katherine Waterston.

Steve Jobs has been screened at the Telluride Film Festival and the response of course was a mixed one as usual with all the movies. However, there was universal praise too and it was for the acting of Michael. Probably he may look ahead to land in the Oscar. But yes, need to wait for the day. Till then do share your views about the movie too.

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