Selena Gomez and Her New Tattoo- About Bieber?

It seems like getting a tattoo is a new fad right now with young hollywood stars. And they say that you will never be satisfied with one tattoo and you will always add more to it. And now we have Selena Gomez being one of those tatted stars and no, this isn’t her first. In fact she already had 3 before this new one. First she got this Bible verse saying, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She added a musical note and a roman numeral. And now she has one in Arabic saying “Love yourself first.”

The young star has just recently battled with bullies on Instagram and she also just got out of rehab and is now focus on self-empowering. It’s crazy how other people are still trying to take her down when she’s obviously drop dead gorgeous. And her new tattoo is a good reminder of how she and everyone should love themselves first. When you have self-love, it’s easier to receive love.

Moreover, a lot people are saying that her getting a tattoo is just a follow up on her new mad image. Could it be that she is about to go down the road where Miley Cyrus dared walked on? Is this the end of the sweet image that we once knew from her? Well only time can tell. Let’s just keep our fingers on this one and hope for the best.

This is your recent celebrity gossip, straight from Hollywood without any sugarcoat at all.

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