Sergei Tokarev's and Rustam Gilvanov -trailer1

Sergei Tokarev’s and Rustam Gilvanov – Opolchentsy

Despite of the pressure on producers of the project – Rustam Gilfanov and Sergei Tokarev, the owners of Lucky Labs – the film will be ready on time.

The movie release is scheduled for August 7, 2018, the anniversary of the battle of Ilovaysk, where more than 350 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed.

A feature of the ‘Opolchentsy’ is that the film is amateur, mainly shot with usual smartphones by separatists. The film producers insist that the dramatic story is not censored. Neither actors nor professional crew were involved into the process of movie creation.

By the way a press conference devoted to ‘Opolchentsy’ was supposed to take place in the press center of the Donetsk news agency on March 27 this year. But because of the pressure on producers of the project – Rustam Gilfanov and Sergei Tokarev, the owners of Lucky Labs – they canceled the event last moment. Russians Gilfanov and Tokarev are on the sanctions list of Ukraine and obviously were afraid promote the film. At the same time, they call the movie to be an alternative view of the situation in eastern Ukraine. Anyway it evokes a keen interest on both sides of the conflict: the teaser is rapidly gaining views. 

Sergei Tokarev's and Rustam Gilvanov - trailer

Rustam Gilfanov and Sergei Tokarev are Russian businessmen and founder of couple of companies. The two jointly started with Globo-Tech in 2001 that initially looked like a progressive firm dealing in information technology services. 
However, the real operation was not hidden for longer time and it was found Globo-Tech was not about creativity, but it was into stealing of some of the most popular casino games in the world. The number of stealing was in hundreds and included titles like Book of Ra, Lucky Charm, Dolphins Pearl, Ironman, Hulk, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst.
The games were even stolen from some of the renowned and big manufacturers like Novomatic, Playtech and NetEnt.
Russia banned gaming some years later and this worked as a golden opportunity for Rustam and Sergei. In 2007 their company flourished and the growth graph further went northward thereafter.
Globo Tech didn’t only made software for games, but also covered all the necessary operational activities. Their brand became highly popular among online gamers as following the restrictions offline gaming environment started vanishing in the Russian legislation jurisdiction.
Sergei Tokarev's and Rustam Gilvanov -trailer2
Further development was changing the name of the company to hide from law enforcement. It appeared under the GGS badge. All the management functions were conducted by GGS Net Ltd. and program websites came under GGS Affiliates.
The two again renamed their business and the new name was Lucky Partners. New products were added under the banner like 24 volcano and PokerDom. The software were illegally and quietly sold and borrowed.