After Several Folds Online Gaming Luring With VR Technology

After Several Folds Online Gaming Luring With VR Technology

Over the period of past two decades or more gaming sector has taken a significant growth, whether it is the simulators like Farmville or currently the much hyped online casinos.

The milestones achieved in the online gaming industry has also widen up beyond certain age group or only not limited to the male world. About ten years ago profiles of gamers usually were like this – “Under 25 years old, interested in fantasy or sports, limited social skills.”

Today the scenario has changed and a new study reveals 52 percent of online games now are female. The study adds that the sector has reached wider group of people in terms of ages and social classes. In short, it is now enjoyed by almost everyone. It has become everyone’s cup of tea and not limited to certain addicted or intellectual classes only.

Meanwhile, the online gaming platforms too have changed dramatically. The smartphone phenomenon has taken an entry, a rather in a big way to involve every Tom, Dick and Harry, though the PC and consoles gaming are still widely popular. It is said with the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) the smartphone gaming trend will grow further.

Online gaming has widely diversified in past one decade and one of the important sectors is the online sports and casino betting. It has exploded in popularity, beyond the imaginations and predictions of many analysts and market experts, and all set to step into the VR segment. Tons of best VR casinos have mushroomed in recent years and more are set to launch in near future, luring even those who have never been into betting in the real world. It’s truly mind-boggling.

Though the space is becoming crowded gradually but the online casinos are trying to put all the efforts to make use of any possible competitive advantage including bigger and better bonuses, convenient payment methods and lower house edge.

However, analysts say the VR will be a real game changer in the industry and it will offer gamers more engaging, exciting and realistic experience. Existing websites have already started giving the best experience to their customer base and it is very true the technology will make further advances.

The big question among all these is whether the virtual reality hardware will be finally affordable. Game developers are working hard to make it reach to wide range of people at budget pricing tag and also with a choice of options.

The first to reach the mass was the Oculus Rift in 2012. Before Facebook acquired it for $2 billion it was a kickstarter and works with PC. However, the latest version is more powerful with modern processor and 8GB or more RAM.

HTC Vive is worth mentioning here for its popularity but it is like the Rolls Royce of VR, priced tagged double of Oculus Rift for the same performance requirements.

Samsung, Apple and other such corporate giants too are working and investing in a VR headset. Hopefully the market soon becomes competitive.