Esquire photoshoot features ‘Shameless’ star Emmy Rossum

She’s a star in the hit TV series ‘Shameless.’

And Emmy Rossum was nothing but shameless in her latest spread for the US edition of Esquire magazine.

Comfortable with showing vulnerability, the 27-year-old actress modestly strips down for the January 2014 issue of the lifestyle publication.

Sure to make for happy readers, the brunette beauty paints the pages with her braless body, gracefully displaying her lean figure while still leaving a little to the audience’s imagination.

In her most provocative snap, the Beautiful Creatures star dons a tiny cropped cream sweater, exposing her perky bustline and taut tummy.

Emmy is posing with one hand on her thick head of hair as the other is pulling down her distressed cut-offs shorts.

Seemingly naughty by nature, the actress is wearing a pair of black panties – which are noted more in another shot where all that cover’s the starlet is the pair of tiny bottoms and an edgy black leather bomber.

Instead of underboob, Emmy shows off her sideboob, which continues to be the theme for two other photos.

In one of the sultry leather looks, the fair-skinned beauty is clad in only a pair hot pants and slouchy buckled boots, as she lays horizontally across the canvas.

For the other, she slips into a tight pair of trousers and props herself up in a corner.

A final portrait shows Emmy sitting in a pair of ripped fishnet tights.

And in all of the snaps, her natural beauty is known, as barely an ounce of make-up covers her flawless face.

But Emmy is sillier than she appeares in the snaps – as revealed during the interview with Esquire – and has some valuable dating advice for the fellas out there.

In discussing her dog Cinnamon, via a Skype interview, the actress said: ‘He was a present. [Out of the side of her mouth, as if not wanting Cinnamon to hear] I wanted a Rhodesian ridgeback. But I had a really shitty boyfriend who gave him to me.

‘[Normal voice] And, of course, when a really cute dog shows up on your doorstep, you can’t be like, Yeah, no. You’re like, Oh, yay, puppy! Also: Never get your girlfriend a pet that she didn’t know she was getting.

The full interview can be found on

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