Shopping tips: denim, figure flattering textured jackets trends in fall 2018

Denim Fall Fashion Trends

The versatility of denim is what makes it so incredibly popular. Denim jeans can be worn in a casual style or dressed up for a night out or any style in between. Look for a pair of jeans that flatter the body type and enhance the positive aspects of one’s figure and overall shape.

For a classic look wear a pair of boot cut jeans with high heeled peep toe pumps, a crisp white shirt with bold cuffs and a fitted jacket. For an edgier look try a pair of cropped jeans with long black boots, a black belt, a capped sleeve t-shirt or blouse and a vintage inspired cropped jacket. To create a more feminine look try a pair of cigarette style denim pants with a billowy floral tunic and large belt worn at an angle.

The versatility of denim makes it a must-have item for the fall season. Whether they are boot cut, hip huggers, cropped jeans, skinny jeans or tailored jeans it doesn’t matter. Add some gorgeous accessories, a chic hobo bag and a pair of high heeled boots or shoes to create a well put together and stylish ensemble.

Figure Flattering Textured Jackets

Textured fitted jackets are going to be one of the hottest trends this fall. Suede, velvet, tweed and wool are particularly stylish fabrics for fitted jackets. Cropped jackets, military jackets and jackets with flared sleeves are also a great way to create a textured and dramatic fashion statement.

The 2018 fall/winter fashion trends for women combine creative layering and monochromatic tones with hot accessories and stunning footwear.

Look for cool details such as embroidered lapels, a fancy belt, funky pockets or gemstone inspired buttons. To create eye catching appeal to a relatively plain fitted jacket add a large ornate pendant pin or update the buttons of the jacket with a set of colorful or quirky buttons.