Short on Cash for the Holidays

Short on Cash for the Holidays? Here’s what You Could Do

Christmas is coming, and this means many are trying to plan what they’re going to buy for their friends and family. Add in the customary feasts, parties, and travel, and the holidays are an expensive proposition. The challenge is finding the money to pay for these purchases. Thankfully, Christmas comes with tons of opportunities to make money as well. If you’re short on cash for the holidays, here are a few things you can do.

Start Earning Extra Money

One approach is to start earning extra money. Maybe you could start driving for a ride-sharing service. You could try to get a part-time job, though this is only an option if you have the time for it. If you get a job at a place where you regularly shop, the employee discounts alone are worth it. These discounts range from ten to thirty percent off the list price.

You could earn a higher hourly rate than when you work for the rest of the year, and delivery services are always hiring. Shorter shifts are ideal if you’re up to it because most shifts are on nights and at weekends.

Get a Loan

There are a number of benefits to getting a loan. However, don’t let poor credit deter you. If you have a steady income, you could get a loan from a payday and short-term loan provider. Pounds Pocket is a popular option, but you should also look at a Pounds Pocket loan alternative to make sure that you get the best deal possible. You could find a provider with better rates, lower requirements, and more flexible repayment options.

Empty Your Closets

A good way to raise cash is to start selling things that have piled up in your cupboards. You could sell old clothes, books, and electronics. You may be able to sell the gift cards from last year that you never used.

Sell old smartphones and toys. There are a ton of websites that help you sell items fast, regardless of what it is. Not only are you raising money but you’re getting rid of clutter before you get new stuff for the holidays. What if you don’t have a bunch of items to sell? You could pick up items that others are discarding or selling at garage sales, clean them up and try to flip them. It could be anything from toys to furniture to antiques.

Sell Yourself

sell yourself-Cash for the Holidays

Offer your services and do some hard work in exchange for money. Get paid to rake leaves, walk dogs, clean gutters, string Christmas lights and shovel driveways. You can find local jobs that pay a modest wage, and they’ll often pay you in cash.

Survey sites are a way to earn extra money, too, though not all survey sites are legitimate. If you have computer skills or other valuable expertise, you could take work through online crowdsourcing sites. Or hit websites where you can connect with people who will pay you to run errands for them. This would also be a great time to work as a mystery shopper. Not only will it allow you to make extra money but you’ll also get a discount on the things you buy. Applying is fairly easy, and you want to work with as many companies as possible if you want to make some good income. Some of the best companies include iShop for Ipsos, Market Force, and Clickworker.


There are a variety of ways you can raise money to buy those items you want to give at Christmas. Make sure that you give all of these options a second look and keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities.