Simon Pegg’s Tweet About ‘Ant-Man’ Might Ruin Your Day

Now that Marvel Studios has hired a new director and writer for “Ant-Man,” the reality that geeks feared is cemented. Edgar Wright’s version of the shrinkable superhero is destined to become one of the great “lost” movies of all time.

Simon Pegg, however, has been lucky enough to glimpse the movie that would have been.

Wright’s frequent collaborator tweeted this morning that he had the pleasure of reading the screenplay the “World’s End” director wrote with Joe Cornish, and it sounds as great as all of his fans feared.


While we all assumed that whatever Wright and Cornish had spent six years working on was something along the lines of what Pegg is describing, it still doesn’t feel good to hear it confirmed.

“Ant-Man” is still scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

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