Single woman Tiffany Haddish avoids wasting money on dating

Tiffany Haddish said Thursday she is a savor of money and refuses to make spendings on dates even though she is a single woman.

The 39-year-old had earlier disclosed her wish to come across a guy who has no kid and whose credit score is comparatively higher than hers.

She is meanwhile enjoying being a single woman and restricts herself spending money on a date.

Tiffany Haddish added, “But what am I am gonna spend money on? I’m not gonna spend no money on a date.”

Earlier in June, she confirmed not dating anyone as she is busy building an empire and her search for a man is in a pause phase.

In one of her recent tweets she said, “I am still trying to heal from my other “Great” relationships. Dang men making videos cause they can’t take a joke. If I was dating someone the world wouldn’t know about it unless he wanted it that way.”

Her second tweet revealed she had relationships with several men and so presently she is more concerned on one such guy which whom she can count herself.

Tiffany Haddish further wrote, “I am doing really Good in this one I give Me whatever I want and I know how to make me happy, maybe in a few years we might let someone else in.”

In 2013 she separated from husband William Stewart. Since then she had been choosy in getting closer to men of Hollywood.

Her words in between were, “My taste in guys is ones that don’t have kids already and also a credit score higher than mine.”