Snapchat Star Jerome Jarre

Snapchat Star Jerome Jarre Raises $1 Million To Help With Aid, Food To Somalia

Social media got immense power. It is evident from the collection of about $1 million in just 19 hours for the aids of people in Somalia, the country which is currently trapped in food crisis.

French Vine and Snapchat star Jerome Jarre has raised $889,288 in less than 24 hours. He was joined by Ben Stiller and American YouTube star Cassey Neistat to help fight food crisis in Somalia caused due to drought.

People who would like to donate money for the cause can do so by heading to website and check for campaign titled Love Army For Somalia.

It is learned Jerome would convince Turkish Airlines to help them ship the aid and food to Somalia.

Turkish Airlines is the only company to fly to Somalia. The help would provide immediate relief to the people trapped in famine condition.

Meanwhile, a source says Turkish Airlines has agreed to the request and made available one cargo flight that will carry 60 tonnes of aid and food on March 27 to Somalia and thereafter also allow Love Army For Somalia to ship food containers on its commercial aircrafts until the famine condition ends.

The group is also learned to have tied up with non-governmental organization American Refugee Committee (ARC) in Somalia for the use of funds towards distributing of rice, vegetable cooking oil, flour, sugar, nutritional biscuits and porridge.

Somalia has a population of about 12.3 million and most of them are ethnic Somalis. The country has faced series of wars, drought and famine.