Sophie Hunter pregnant: Benedict Cumberbatch’s the father?

As you’ve likely heard at this point, reptilian heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch got captivated to Sophie Hunter this week and he made the publication in a British daily paper, on the grounds that Benny is outdated like that.

Since we know a smidgen about who Sophie Hunter is, the new question is: Why are these two hurrying to the holy place?

When its all said and done, Benedict and Sophie have just been dating for five months, and the on-screen character dated his past sweetheart – individual performer Olivia Poulet – for a long time while never putting a ring on it.

Some have recommended that Cumberbatch is in a hurry to get hitched on the grounds that he trusts it will enhance his shots of winning an Oscar for The Imitation Game. (As if an Oscar fight is similar to running for office.)

Others, then again, have proposed a much more customary inspiration for the quickie engagement.

In spite of the fact that no tenable sources have approached to affirm it, numerous remark board aficionados and tabloid-style bloggers are persuaded that Sophie is pregnant with Benedict’s infant.

It would clarify a terrible part, especially considering the way that Cumberbatch is known for carefully arranging each venture of his life and profession, and such an apparently hasty engagement is completely unusual for the 38-year-old.

Then again, Bendy and Sophie have likewise been companions for quite a long time, and Cumberbatch has been talking candidly about his craving to settle down for quite a while.

So perhaps we ought to simply all quit being so stunned. When its all said and done, its not like George Clooney got hitched or something. Since will be a frosty day in hellfire!