Sounds of the Season

Sounds of the Season concert at University of Toronto Scarborough

UTSC “Sounds of the Season” concert demonstrates a love for music, a dedication to good music and the initiative of students and faculty to make the program grow.

Musical education is prominent in high schools and most universities offer music programs and classes for students who wish to continue studying music. And for those students who wish to continue to study music and play in ensembles but not as a performance Major, some schools do offer plenty of music courses. University of Toronto Scarborough College is a growing campus and with this growth, the music program thrives.

From what was once a simple concert band to a growing roster of ensembles, the music program at UTSC has expanded and taken shape in the last several years. Under the direction of Dr. Lynn Tucker, the UTSC Concert Band nurtured a handful of students who took the initiative to change and improve the program. Their efforts show through in the well loved concerts performed at UTSC.

A Love for Music

In 2003, musical performance at University of Toronto Scarborough consisted of only a few ensembles, including a choir and a concert band. Under the direction of Larry Shields, director of Hannaford Street Youth Band, the concert band was a course for musical students to gain half a credit. These few ensembles held two concerts a year and they were well attended and well liked concerts. Larry Shields conducted a concert band of students who loved music and loved to play.

When Lynn Tucker took over the concert band in 2004, the music program at UTSC steadily began to change with a new instructor and the mere mention of beginning a jazz band. Those students who loved music also loved jazz and when Lynn suggested they begin an extracurricular jazz band, the idea took off.

A Jazz Band, A New Direction

The beginning of the UTSC Jazz Band marked the beginnings of student-led initiative to expand the program at UTSC to allow for more ensembles, more performances, and to keep the love for music alive in the students to come.

Successful in their first attempt at performing more than the usual two concerts a year, and in showcasing never before heard talents, UTSC presented “Sounds of the Season” with an array of beautiful music. UTSC music proudly continues in producing good music, nurturing a love for music in the students there, and encouraging students to be leaders in their own musical education.

Music is important in schools, as music is a good thing for anyone to study. The growing program at UTSC is an example of what a dedication to good music and a little leadership can do with musical education.