Sparks Fly when Ed Sheeran meets up with Ex in Australia?

It’s no secret that Taylor swift has been around the block a few times…She has more ex’s than most of us have had hot dinners and she’s only 23!

With notches in her bedpost including the likes of: Twilight heart-throb Taylor Lautner, Hollywood Star Jake Gyllenhall, Disney Star Joe Jonas and her latest ex-boyfriend One Direction Star Harry Styles, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that her next victim (sorry suitor) would be the humble, Suffolk-boy Ed Sheeran.

Ed on the other hand is only known to have had one previous girlfriend; former Australian Big Brother star Camilla Severi. Ed and Camilla got together after one of his shows last year when Ed was playing a gig in Brisbane, Australia and whilst their relationship didn’t last long the two have remained friends since with Severi visiting Sheeran often when he tours the States.

Latest reports from the unlikely couple state that Ed Sheeran may be ‘Trouble’ after all. The 22-year-old singer songwriter was asking for trouble from his new Swift when he invited his ex-girlfriend Camilla to the after-party of his recent gig in Brisbane. Maybe he’s experiencing a moment of ground-hog day, as the circumstances were extremely similar to those when he and Camilla met last year.

Swift, who dated Sheeran in secret some time last year, recently claimed that she dumped ex Harry Styles for always looking at other women…maybe Ed will make a Swift departure from Taylor’s love-life if he continues partying Down Under.

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