Spring makeup shades inspired by garden colors

Spring makeup shades inspired by garden colors

Take a look outside to find the latest spring makeup shades. A bouquet of colors inspired by garden colors are anything but demure. The bright, bold spring makeup colors start out sheer and can be layered to create the color hue and texture desired for eyes and lips.

Garden Colors For Eyes

Things in nature green up when the warm weather of spring arrives, and green is a lovely spring makeup shade for the eyes. Green eye shadow spans the color palette from neutral moss greens to bright lime green.

Shades of purple abound in nature, and it’s one of those wonderful garden colors that will work with any skin tone. Lavender and mauve eye makeup works for pale skin tones. Those with dark skin tones or olive skin need the darker shades of purple found in the garden, like eggplant tones of deep purple. If pure purple eye shadow is more than desired, opt for a purple eyeliner as a change of pace from the standard black or brown eyeliner. Any shade of purple makeup will make green eye look electrifying. On the flip side, purple eye makeup will intensify the dark circles under the eyes.

Blue eye makeup has lightened up and is much sheerer than it’s old school days. A sheer powder blue lightly brushed over the eyelids provides the right impact for fair skin tones. Darker shades of blue such as denim or periwinkle work well on dark skin tones. Using navy blue or cobalt blue eyeliner is another garden color inspiration for eye makeup this spring.

Blooming Lip Color

Let the flower garden be the inspiration behind trying a new spring shade of lip color. Red flower blooms abound in spring and red is that classic shade of lipstick that never goes out of style. Spring lip colors range from sheer reds to fire engine red.

Purple lip color looks fantastic for spring when paired with a silver or gold shimmer on top. Wearing purple lip color is like wearing purple eye makeup, pale shades for pale skin tones and deeper shades of purple for dark skin tones and olive skin.

Pretty in pink is not just for teenagers. Match the right shade of pink lip color to the skin tone, and the look will be flawless springtime. Bright, bubblegum pinks look best on pale skin with pink undertones. Darker skin tones should lean toward the darker shades of pink with purple undertones, like magenta.

Gardens are inspiring and beautifying. Take some makeup color cues from the garden this spring and look refreshed and renewed with makeup shades inspired by garden colors.