Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Students have got used to writing all kinds of reviews. Most of them are devoted to the analysis of literature pieces, such as books, articles, separate chapters, etc. However, there are many movie reviews as well. Perhaps, this type of reviews is even more interesting.

A review is a critical evaluation of the studied piece. Mind that it doesn’t mean that critic is always something negative. This word is used to make a fair evaluation without any subjective opinions. Accordingly, it can also be positive if the film is really great.

Of course, the interesting theme doesn’t mean that you should not take the task seriously. There are certain steps to undertake to guarantee the highest grades. Consider our list of suggestions:

  1. Watch the movie several times.
  2. Gather data and give an objective evaluation.
  3. Consider the length.
  4. Rate the cast.
  5. Evaluate the plot development.
  6. Rate other aspects.

Our guide will analyze these points in some greater details to provide you with a plain understanding of how to complete movie reviews. Follow six steps below and successful in writing your review of a movie. As an option, you can buy review online written from scratch by professional academic writers.

Watch the movie several times Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Step #1

First of all, it’s necessary to watch the movie you are going to analyze. If it’s possible, do it at least two times. Oftentimes, people miss some vital things during the first review. Try to remember the way you’ve watched movies and read books several times. Each time you find something new and may fully reconsider the initial thoughts. Accordingly, it’s better to watch the movie more than once.

Take notes on the most important developments of the plot and the performance of the actors. Don’t forget about the special effects and costume design. Every detail is vital and may tell you a lot about the quality of a concrete piece.

Gather data Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Step #2

You should collect some data on your movie. Even though you should judge from what you see, you need at least general information. Define the budget and lengths of the movie, its cast, producers, marketing campaign and so on. You can use this data to draw fairer conclusions. The point is that the general idea was great and the investments were great. However, the performance of the actors, too cheap visual effects and other essentials brought everything to ruin.

When a movie has a huge budget, the fans expect to enjoy an impressive piece. However, many such projects failed miserably. You should be aware of all the details. Sometimes, many movies were undeservedly criticized. Make an in-depth analysis to define the truth.

We wish to pay your attention to special websites similar to Yahoo! Movie. They give reviews even of trailers. Thus, you can learn from the professionals about how to make reviews when you cannot watch the full movie.

Step #3

You should stick to the compulsory rules and some recommendations. One of them is to never exceed the permitted length of the paper. One may be marveled with the film or feel contrary feelings of disgust. Thus, praising and critics may take a way too long. You should never write more or less than it’s allowed. The length varies from three to five pages. Don’t forget this vital information.

Rate the cast Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Step #4

The cast of any movie is of great importance. At times, the budget may be quite poor and the general idea not as brilliant as it might be. Nonetheless, the performance of the actors may do miracles. There are numerous examples when the cast turned a common movie into an amazing masterpiece.

Step #5

It goes beyond all doubt that you ought to analyze the development of the storyline. You should tell whether the script writers wrote a worthy piece. The plot development is supposed to be persistent and logical. The transitions to every next episode must be smooth. Mention whether this was achieved or no. Besides, tell about the role of actors in the development.

Give the rating of the intrigue and clearness of the whole story. Use the rating from 1 to 10 grades. Provide reasoning of your rating. Tell why the movie failed or why it was so great.

Rate other aspects Steps to Write a Great Movie Review

Step #6

You shouldn’t forget about other aspects of a movie. These are as follows:

  • Directing;
  • Visual effects;
  • Sound effects;
  • Music supervision;
  • Editing;
  • Titles, etc.

Every point is vital. If you don’t analyze and rate these aspects, your critique will not be complete. Therefore, devote some time for these smaller things as well.

Vital Questions to Clarify

There are some control questions you should put to your topic to define the truth. These are:

  • Clarify the genre and kind of the movie: Is it an adaptation or an original script? Is the movie based on a real story? If the story is adapted, how good was it done?
  • Clarify the main purpose of the movie. Did it reach its point? How did it affect the viewers?
  • What can you tell about the atmosphere? Did it reach its destination?
  • How good the casting is?
  • Were the locations chosen correctly?
  • Was the music supervision appropriate?
  • What can you tell about the director of the movie? Did he/she manage to reveal the main idea at full?

Memorize these questions and put them to your topic, each time you’re assigned a movie review. If you answer them, you’ll know how to hit the target. You can likewise add some other questions to the list if you feel that you need more ideas.