Sunroom Decorating

Sunroom Decorating Ideas

No matter what it’s called, a sunroom, or a conservatory; these rooms are very popular and will increase property value. To get the most out of a sunroom it’s important that the room works hand in hand with the home’s interior decorating scheme and the natural landscape outside.

Sunrooms can serve a variety of functions in the home but were originally designed to house plants. The most successful interior decorating plans for sunrooms keep this idea in mind, finding creative ways to bring Mother Nature inside and create a bridge between the inside and the outside.

To enhance the appearance and function even more the sunroom décor should drag decorating elements from the rest of the home into its scheme and meld that with touches of nature that extend the eye and make the outdoor area seem like it’s part of the living space as well. The following sunroom decorating tips will help create a successful atmosphere and increase property value.

Sunroom Traffic Flow

The first consideration should be the traffic flow of the sunroom and how it relates to adjoining rooms. Sometimes the instinct is to put a couch up as a divider between the sunroom and the rest of the house, avoid this temptation if possible and create a design scheme that opens up the traffic flow from sunroom to the rest of the home.

Sunroom Function

Be honest about what the room will be used for. If it’s simply for visual impact and having a cup of coffee then have a comfy chair and a side table and lots of visual elements or plants that speak to the view outside. If it’s a child’s playroom then provide ample storage, functional flooring and few plants on table or ground level.

Sunroom Furniture

Fitting both into the flow and function, the furniture should connect and tie the sunroom to the rest of the home in some way, whether it is color, form or style. The furniture should also be really appropriate for the activities you expect to occur most frequently in the conservatory. But a big concern that many overlook is the sunroom furniture’s resiliency. Solariums, by nature, have a lot of direct sunlight and the furniture and its fabric should be designed to withstand natural light.

Lighting in the Sunroom

As mentioned above, sunlight is a major concern in a home solarium. It can kill plants, fade furniture, make it difficult to read computer screens, and provide too much warmth if not handled appropriately. Most sunrooms have well thought out blinds that can be adjusted throughout the day with ease so the benefits of the sun can be fully exploited.