sweden truck attack

Sweden’s Truck Attack Had IED: Police

The casualties could be a lot more in the truck attack in Sweden’s busiest shopping market that claimed four lives and injured several others including children.

Police reveals improvised explosives device (IED) was loaded in the hijacked vehicle.

The 39-year-old Uzbekistan national killer who drove the truck into the Ahlens department store in Klarabergsgatan of Stockholm on Friday is currently under custody. He is father-of-four and is reported to have Islamic State propaganda on his laptop.

According to witnesses he has set himself alight after the truck failed to explode and fled on foot. He had IED in a suitcase and had stolen the vehicle minutes before when its driver was making a delivery.

He lives at a north Stockholm address and his family lives in home country Uzbekistan. He works at a construction in Sweden.

Three more suspects were arrested after the attack but later a 17-year-old was released.

Police conducted several raids late Friday night and six more people were being questioned.

An 11-year-old school girl was killed too in the attack. It is reported she was returning from home from school and had spoken minutes before with her mother.

An Australian tourist said she saw a truck coming towards him and it didn’t look out of control, but trying to hit anyone on the street.

The attack comes just a fortnight after a hired car drove into people walking along the Westminster Bridge in London that killed five people and injured many others.

Swedish police says both the attacks have similarities.