TAG Heuer Launches Luxury Smartwatch At $1500

TAG Heuer unveiled Connected, its first smartwatch, on Android platform and it looks like an actual watch.

The 155-year-old leading Swiss watchmaker has tagged the luxury smartwatch at $1500 and has build it with large screen size to make room for computing capabilities – 46.2mm across and 12.8mm thick.

The smartwatch comes with titanium grade 2 construction and is light not to make the wearer carrying a chunk of metal on wrist. It comes with black rubber band and as announced there would be additional six other colors coming up to fit style.

Connected is currently available only for men and TAG Heuer has announced to be coming up with a women version too soon. As of now the smartwatch is made available only at 20 of its stores across the country.

According to TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, the company is not late in launching smartwatch and also Connected is not too expensive. He is confident the device is true luxury, Swiss luxury, equipped with miniaturized wearable computing. Also, the company is not competing with Apple Watch.

The device was launched in New York City earlier today. Biver added, “We are going to do a watch, not a computer… Even if there is a computer inside, it’s a watch that will [last] for eternity.”

Project manager Martina Moertner said the company took six months to develop the luxury smartwatch from concept to finished product. The watchmaker has a rich history of making handsome and intricate timepieces.

The company is also planning to come up with a smaller design for women even though the target audience at present is men.