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Assad Regime Poisoned 500 People In Douma, Syria: Claims


World Health Organization has come up with report to the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria’s Douma revealing about 500 people were affected. The report was on Wednesday and it is based on reports from WHO’s Health Cluster partners. Eastern…

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Russia Announces Pulling Forces From Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the country would be pulling out most of its forces from Syria that backed the government to deal with rebels in the civil war that started as a peaceful street protests five years ago. The…

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Top Syrian Rebel Leader Killed In Damascus Aerial Attack

Top commander of a Syrian insurgent group was killed Friday in an aerial raid in the eastern suburbs of Damascus targeting the group’s headquarters. The 44-year-old Zahran Alloush headed Jaysh al Islam insurgent group in the rural eastern suburb area…

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Russian Airstrikes Blamed For Killing Scores In Syria On Sunday

At least 36 people have been killed Sunday in the rebel-held city of Idlib in northwest Syria by Russian air raids two days after a peace process was backed by UN Security Council to end the on-going devastating civil war.…

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