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Austria Bans Burka Wearing In Public Places

Austria Bans Burka

No one are allowed to wear burkas in Austrian public place. Police has been tasked to remove the facial coverings by force after an anti-burka law has come into effect. The new law prohibits women from wearing facial coverings like…

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European Cities Under Terror Threats Amid New Year Celebrations

An intelligence report reveals terror attacks may take place in European cities on or before New Year Eve, said Vienna police in a statement released Saturday. The police add gun shooting or bombing may take place between Christmas and New…

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Greece, UN Brings Additional Ships, Staff To Handle 25K Migrants In Lesbos

The United Nations refugee agency and Greek government have come forward with additional ships and staff to help about 25,000 stranded migrants get out of island of Lesbos and move to Athens as if believed to a statement given by…

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