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Canada prepares to ban single-use plastic products by 2021


In 2021 no single-use plastics will be used in Canada and the government is soon to come up with a list mentioning which products will be included and which will be exempted. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the ban as…

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Europe Proposes Ban on 10 Plastic Products

plastic product

A ban on single-use plastic items including cotton buds, straws and cutlery has been proposed by European Commission and awaits the approval of all European Union member states as well as the European Parliament. A total of ten items has…

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Wales Bans Smoking Outside Hospital, School Spaces

smoking ban

Wales has banned smoking outside school and hospital premises and the restriction is to start from summer of next year to protect people from secondhand smoke as well as de-normalise smoking for young people and children. Most of the hospitals…

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