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Luis Abram’s late goal helps Peru defeat Brazil in Copa America

Luis Abram's late goal helps Peru defeat Brazil in Copa America

Peru has once again beaten Brazil in a rematch of the Copa America final in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The late goal of Luis Abram registered a 1-0 win over the Selecao and with this Ricardo Gareca becomes first Peru…

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Will 2016 Olympic Games Improve Living Of Rio Residents

The 2016 Olympic Games is bringing people from across the world to Rio de Janeiro and spending too, but the legacy is up for debate lately. The city has been long prized by global tourists for its dramatic diversity of…

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Facebook VP Diego Dzodan Said Was Well Respected In Brazilian Jail

Briefing to the students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management on Saturday on Latin American business trends the Facebook Inc vice president Diego Dzodan said he was treated will by jailers in a Brazilian jail. Dzodan was…

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Zika Virus Even Spreads Through Blood Transfusion: Report

Zika Virus Highlights: A wait of 28 days has been urged by US Red Cross for travelers to donate blood. Two people in the southeastern part of Brazil have been confirmed contracted Zika virus through blood transfusion. Zika virus is…

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WHO Declares Zika Virus Outbreak A Global Emergency

Brazil says Zika virus outbreak is worst than believed and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as a global emergency on Monday due to lack of definitive evidence proving it is causing a surge in newborns with brain defects…

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