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British Travelers Paying More In Europe As School Summer Holiday Begins


Britons are being offered the worst ever foreign exchange rates. It is as low as 88 euro cents against a pound at British airports when holidaymakers are heading to Europe. The lowest reported being offered at the Cardiff airport. Travelers…

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One Year After EU Referendum Britons Face High Price, Lower Wage

EU Referendum

One year of a long journey of Brexit has been completed since EU referendum and it is time to examine the economic consequences during the period. The United Kingdom economy has grown at the rate of 1.8 percent in past…

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Rights Of EU Citizens In Britain To Be Discussed First In Brexit: Merkel


A good start for the Brexit talks would be in ensuring the rights of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She also added there are lot of several other questions too in the Brexit…

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UK, EU Negotiators Opens Brexit Talks

The Brexit negotiation has just begun. The talks are scheduled for one week every month and if things goes well the final withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union may take place in March 2019. Amid the seven hours of…

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Formal Brexit Negotiations To Begin Monday: Officials

brexit negotiation

European Union said the formal negotiations on withdrawal of United Kingdom from the bloc, commonly called as Brexit, to begin on Monday. Brexit Secretary David Davis and EU negotiator Michel Barnier made the announcement after preliminary talks between them in…

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Ireland Attracting Companies With Brexit Effect In EU


The race of relocating has begun even before United Kingdom has been announced out of the European Union bloc. The flow of investments has taken exit route from Britain and couple of neighboring countries are now in the beneficial seat.…

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Inflation Surges To Highest Level In Over Three Years


Inflation rate in April reached highest in three and a half years to 2.7 percent and one of the primary contributions to it is rising cost of electricity. Office of National Statistics also blamed the rise in cost of air…

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Summer Vacation To Change For Britons In Wake Of Brexit

summer vacation

There could be dark clouds even when the skies are brightening this summer in the wake of Brexit. Your summer holiday will be affected while the UK’s withdrawal progress from EU is on the way. British Prime Minister Theresa May…

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British GDP Slowed To Half Of Forecast In First Quarter

british gdp

The first quarter economic growth of United Kingdom slowed down significantly and economists are now putting up questions whether this is the start of Brexit stagnation. The British GDP from January to March was recorded at 0.3 percent and the…

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Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory From Britain To Poland; 300 Jobs At Risk

Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory

Nestle will be shifting its Blue Riband chocolate biscuit production from Britain to Poland and with this about three hundred people will be thrown out of jobs. The Swiss confectionery giant however denied the move is due to the Brexit,…

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