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The Government To Terminate Its Contracts with Inefficient Companies That Run Probation services

The  UK government is to terminate its contracts with private companies that run probation services as they are not delivering the benefits they promised The system for supervising criminals in England and Wales is in a “mess” after reforms failed…

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Did UK Really Fail To Afford A No Deal Brexit?

Irish deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney today raised the prospect of Brexit being delayed as he insisted that Britain ‘can’t afford’ to crash out of the EU. Mr Coveney dismissed UK planning for no deal as ‘bravado’ – suggesting that…

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British Government To Double Health Surcharge For Visitors Coming From Outside EU

health surcharge

British government may soon double up the health surcharge paid to 400 pounds per year by long-term visitors and students from India and other countries outside of the European Union (EU). Introduced in April 2015 the health surcharge was earlier…

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