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Canada prepares to ban single-use plastic products by 2021


In 2021 no single-use plastics will be used in Canada and the government is soon to come up with a list mentioning which products will be included and which will be exempted. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the ban as…

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Indian style brunch at dhaba in Toronto, Canada

Too often people limit their brunch choices to a la carte egg dishes, fruit, pastries and flour based desserts. It might be time to rethink brunch and try an Asian take on this wonderful meal. Dhaba, one of the gems…

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Theresa May denies favoring November election

Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May said a November election would not be of national interest as she is working upon delivering a good deal with Europe in the terms of national interest too. She was on her way to New…

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Travel Guide: Bed & Breakfast in UK, US, Canada, Australia

bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in the UK In many tourist areas it’s not unusual to walk down a street where nearly every house has a B&B sign stuck in the window. Even in the countryside, people are not shy about advertising.…

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Scientists Discover Oldest Fossils From Canada, Dates Back 4.28 Billion Years

Scientists have found fossils dating back to as early as 4.28 billion years in Canadian rocks and calls it to be of some of the earliest living organisms on our planet. Those are comprised of tiny tubes and filaments that…

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Canada Sets 300,000 Economic Immigrants Quota For 2017

Canada has a population of about 35 million and still there’s a challenge to its economic growth as most of the people are aging. To overcome economical crisis in future the government has suggested an increase to quota of immigrants.…

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Here’s Proof McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Are Actually Made from Chicken

Battling rumors that their McNuggets contain the notorious pink slime, McDonald’s Canada released a video tour of one of their factories in London Canada. The process begins at their de-boning department, where whole chickens are sliced up and the chicken…

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