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CT Scan and Increased Risk of Cancer

CT Scan

Over 68 million CT scans are performed annually in the United States. The numbers of these scans are increasing with clinicians casting wider diagnostic nets and with patients requesting (and paying for) broader preventative and prophylactic imaging. A new study…

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Top 5 Cancer Fighting Herbs In Backyard

cancer fighting herbs

Our mother nature is a miracle wonderland, as it grows many useful types of plants and herbs during the hot summer! Although we are normally consuming different kind of herbs in our daily life, but we didn’t know that most…

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Study Finds Calcium, Vitamin D Fails To Cut Colon Cancer Risk

colon cancer

Researchers have lately found the Vitamin D pills or calcium, or combination of both fails to prevent the colon cancer growth. Details of the new study can be found from the New England of Medicine journal, which writes this is…

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Alcohol Linked To Cancer Cause In New Study

In a new research it is found alcohol has a direct link to the causes of seven types of cancer including the liver, gullet, throat, colon, rectum and female breast. Details of the study, which was carried out by a…

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Scientists Develop Tool That Can Detect Prostate Cancer By Smelling

Scientists have developed a new tool and claims it could detect prostate cancer by just smelling the condition. Dubbed as Odoreader, the device uses a gas chromatography sensor system and was successful in testing phases. It has inspired by dogs…

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