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Katie Price to appear at magistrate court for threatening behavior

katie price

Katie Price will be facing two counts of threatening behavior. She is due to appear Wednesday before West Sussex Magistrates court. Michelle Pentecost alleges the mum-of-five shouted at her at the school playground as “Are you enjoying f***ing my husband.”…

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Bernie Madoff Called End-Of-Year Fraud On Clients ‘Schtupping’

Bernie Madoff‘s codeword for his fraudulent end-of-year business transactions was “schtupping,” a Yiddish term for the act of sex, according to his former underling Frank DiPascali. DiPascali, a government witness who admitted to fraud three years ago, made the revelations…

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Farrah Fawcett Told Nurse Ryan O’Neal Was ‘Going To Take’ Andy Warhol Portrait

A former nurse who claims Farrah Fawcett told her that Ryan O’Neal owns one of two Andy Warhol portraits of the late actress can testify in trial  of the University of Texas‘ lawsuit concerning whether the school or the actor…

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