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Burlesque Scene In The North Of England


Dita Von Teese brought Burlesque into the mainstream through her appearances in popular magazine Playboy. Since Dita reintroduced the world to the classical striptease form of Burlesque, the scene has flourished across the world, revealing some incredible talented and innovative…

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Church Of England To Vote On New Sexuality Policy

Governing body of the Church of England is all set to vote whether special services should be held for transgender people amid protests citing Bible that humans are created either male or female and supporters clinging on the notion such…

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Junior Doctors Going On Strike Tuesday, Wednesday In England

Safety of patients could be threatened this week in England as junior doctors are going on strike. For the first time the emergency care will also be affected. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned people saying extreme action would be…

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England, Wales Bans Smoking In Cars With Children Under 18

England and Wales have banned smoking in cars with children. The new legislation is in effect from today, but police and local authorities are expected not to issue a rash of fines now. The National Police Chief’s Council spokeswoman said…

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Nigella Lawson Denies Being a ‘Drug Addict’ or ‘Habitual Drug User’

Nigella Lawson, taking the stand at London’s Isleworth Crown Court Thursday in the fraud trial of two former assistants, was candid about her past use of cocaine and marijuana, claiming she was never hooked on either. “I’m not proud of…

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David Beckham wants Brad Pitt to portray him in a movie

And if – for some reason unknown to mankind – Brad doesn’t fancy taking up the job, Becks would be happy with a few other names instead Some of the finest actors in the world have taken on the role…

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