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Fall fashion trends for 2020 with top 10 seasonal looks

Fall fashion trends for 2020

Fall Fashion Trends for 2020 – Familiarize yourself with the key looks for fall winter 2008. Update your wardrobe with the more sedate styles if you want your outfits to transcend seasons. This season is about pared-down chic with sleek…

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Fashion designing vs costume designing

Fashion Designing Versus Costume Designing

It is true that fashion designing holds a promising future and more and more career-minded students are getting lured into this profession. But strangely, costume designing, which is an offshoot of fashion designing, is grossly underrated and does not attract…

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How clothing of film, TV stars becomes fashion trend

film tv fashion

To the viewing public, fashion on television programs and in the movies inspires our wardrobes. We rush to online auctions to buy Survivor buffs and Spiderman, Superman, and Batman costumes pack the display racks during Halloween time. Designer Marc Ecko…

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Tips to find perfect party outfit

party outfit

Finding the perfect party outfit takes a little know how. It should make a woman feel confident and stylish and be comfortable to wear. Take into account whether the party will involve mainly sitting, standing or dancing. Also consider an…

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Victoria, David Beckham shares kiss at London fashion event

Victoria, David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham shared a kiss Sunday at London Fashion Week menswear. Such thing is rare among the two in public. Both usually have eyes for each other. The 43-year-old David launched an autumn/winter collection at Temple Place with…

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Laura Ashley to shut 40 UK outlets amid expansion in China

laura ashley

More than three dozens of Laura Ashley in United Kingdom will be shut down to reciprocate expansion in China. Since 2015 some forty Fashion and home furnishings stores of the Malayan United Industries (MUI) have been closed amid visits of…

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Shopping tips: denim, figure flattering textured jackets trends in fall 2018


Denim Fall Fashion Trends The versatility of denim is what makes it so incredibly popular. Denim jeans can be worn in a casual style or dressed up for a night out or any style in between. Look for a pair…

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What’s classic wardrobe staple for you. Isn’t the Little Black Dress (LBD)

Little Black Dress (LBD)

A little black dress is every woman’s safety net. It can make you look taller and thinner and is timelessly chic. There are so many variations on the little black dress and it’s possible to find one to fit every…

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Bangles, beads, straw hats and pocket watches

fashion hat

By the 1820’s waists were at waist level and they were so tight that women wore extremely tight-laced corsets to help outline their figure. Accessories were a must with bracelets, shawls, and parasols completing the outfit. Some thirty years later…

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How to Be in Charge of Your Appearance Through All Stages of Your Life

Focus on Your Natural Beauty-appearance

When we are young, we are in complete control of how we look because it is simply effortless. We wear what we want, everything fits us, and we love how we look. Youth is intoxicating, but it does not last…

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