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Stopper Of WannaCry Malware Arrested By FBI

wannacry malware

The stopper of WannaCry malware attack is now under federal arrest alleged of developing software to target banking sector. Marcus Hutchins currently is an employee of security firm Kryptos Logic in Los Angeles and was highly praised earlier this year…

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Apple Making iPhones More Secured Even For Authorities To Crack

Amid the ongoing battle with Justice Department to help in terms of technology to the FBI in unlocking the iPhone of San Bernardino attacker, Apple is said have silently begun developing a software that would not make possible agreeing to…

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San Bernardino Attackers Talked About Jihad Before Islamic State Rising: FBI

FBI has revealed the attackers of San Bernardino, Calif., talked about jihad in 2013, two years before the massacre. Syed Rizwan Farook discussed about martyrdom with Tashfeen Malik even before they were married and before she came to America last…

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Isis Radio Announcement Claims San Bernardino Attackers Were Their Supporters

The Syad Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik have been claimed to be the supporters of Islamist militants, said Isis on a radio broadcast. The group reported on its Al-Bayan daily online broadcast the followers of Islamic State launched the…

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