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Which Foods are Rich in Iron

iron food

Iron is an essential mineral in the human diet. It is the basic building block of hemoglobin, the portion of our red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. Where do we get our iron from? A large portion…

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Travel Guide: Bed & Breakfast in UK, US, Canada, Australia

bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in the UK In many tourist areas it’s not unusual to walk down a street where nearly every house has a B&B sign stuck in the window. Even in the countryside, people are not shy about advertising.…

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Studies Reveal That Not Drinking Enough Water Makes You Dumber

In today’s busy world, it can be tough to make sure you’re putting enough water into your system. Most of us probably wait to drink until we are thirsty, but according to studies, this is bad because the feeling of…

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McDonald’s Sticks Franchisees with 10 Million Pounds of Unsold Mighty Wings

Here’s a story that’s equal parts “ew” and “ugh,” and it starts with an enormous batch of chicken wings. According to the Wall Street Journal, a failed fall promotion of McDonald’s new Mighty Wings has left franchisees with approximately 10…

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