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Music flashback – History of Jazz

jazz music

Where the actual name of jazz came from is anyone’s guess. But first, work and misery produced the call and response element known to jazz from the plantation fields of southern American slavery. A leader during a work regime might…

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Pedal Steel Guitar History

Pedal Steel Guitar

There are many instruments that bear a resemblance to the pedal steel – there’s the Japanese yamoto- goto, known as the ch’in in China (where it originated), and various southern Indian instruments such as the gottuvadyam and vichitra vena. It’s…

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How Argentina’s Iconic Rock Band Soda Stereo Was Born

Soda Stereo rock band

Mention Buenos Aires and most will associate it with football and its gods, Evita Peron and Weber’s sketchy musical, and the stirring vision of 2 lone figures dancing tango. Very few would associate Buenos Aires as thriving with a national…

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