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Americanization of Emily film review

Americanization of Emily Film Review

James Garner plays a soldier who excels in supplying creature comforts for his boss rather than take part in any direct combat. His character has the flavour of the men in MASH. He ducks combat duties to move contraband around.…

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The Top Five Movies About Movies

Top Five Movies

In combination, Singin’ in the Rain, Sunset Boulevard, Chaplin, The Last Tycoon, and Silent Movie provide an unparalleled lesson on the early days of cinema. Although the releases of the movies themselves span nearly fifty years, the films’ observations on…

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Three best White Christmas Hollywood classic movies this holiday

White Christmas Hollywood classic movies

The Cast and Characters in Michael Curtiz’s White Christmas The film begins with Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby) and Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) on the European front during World War II, entertaining their army division with a Christmas musical show. But…

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Early Years of Tyrone Power and How He Became Hollywood Star

Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power, Jr., also known as Tyrone Power, III, came from a long line of famous performers. His great-grandfather, also named Tyrone Power, was a famous Irish comedian whose youngest son, Tyrone’s grandfather, Harold Littledale Power, was a stage actor…

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Justin Bieber Faces Minor Car Accident in LA

Just escaped. Justin Bieber was lucky to emrge uninjured from a car accident Friday night in Los Angeles. His Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV was hit by a Range Rover from behind, leading to dent and damage to spare tire cover. The…

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Burlesque Scene In The North Of England


Dita Von Teese brought Burlesque into the mainstream through her appearances in popular magazine Playboy. Since Dita reintroduced the world to the classical striptease form of Burlesque, the scene has flourished across the world, revealing some incredible talented and innovative…

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Rebel Wilson Reveals Gained Weight To Enter Hollywood

Getting entry to Hollywood is not majorly easy and sometimes transformation is required. By the term transformation many actress believe in slimming down, but Rebel Wilson has done just the odd thing. In one of her recent interviews to press…

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Kylie Jenner Copying Kim Kardashina, Kanye West Unhappy

Lately Kylie Jenner has posted a photo of herself with short hair confirming she will not leave any stone unturned when it comes to hair style transformation. There are mixed reactions among her fans. Some are happy and some are…

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Emma Watson’s nude photo threat was evidently the key to kill 4chan

Unknown clients of notorious web discussion 4chan spilled stolen bare pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, and scores of other ladies on September first. After three weeks, unknown 4chan clients undermined to do it once more. Their new…

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Christian Bale Welcomes a Son

This is a real fresh news straight from Hollywood stating that Christian Bale along with wife Sibi just welcomes a bouncing baby boy. This is the couple’s second child and both of their parties couldn’t be happier for the arrival…

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